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The Oracle of Truth

26 June 2018


I’ve always wanted to make a Loss edit!

If you have no clue what this comic is about here’s a bit of backstory:
Nathan Pyle created this comic in 2016
Tate Parker created this comic in 2017
Matthew J Wills created this comic last week
sloppyjoes7 created this comic shortly after that

And I thought this whole ordeal was pretty funny, but there’s one webcomic-related meme that I like even more, and that is, of course, Loss. So I decided to combine the two memes/templates in an epic conclusion of this story arc. Oh and Adam Ellis makes an appearance as well.

Flaw in the System

21 February 2018


I’m sorry, I was planning on doing a Black Panther comic, but this weekend one of my bunnies passed away very unexpectedly and I haven’t been able to come up with funny jokes ever since. So I decided to channel the grief and make a comic about the fact that pets just shouldn’t die. Or they should at least live just as long as we do. Parrots and turtles can do it, so why can’t dogs, cats and bunnies?

The bunny is in the comic, by the way. As usual, it’s chock-full of small jokes and references. If you want some backstory, hit me up on Twitter.

I’ll be back with a “regular” comic next week.

The Sacred Controller Hierarchy

12 April 2017


And lo, I handeth down these sacred rules from lore of old, and verily shall ALL gamers abideth by these regulations under strict penalty of vicious smiting by the all-powerful Ban Hammer. For these are the guidances of Play. So sayeth we all.

Thanks, guys

8 March 2017


With the arrival of the Switch we’re not just saying goodbye to the Wii U, but also to the 3DS (and 3D and dual screen gaming in general), the Wii U Pro Controller, the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. I’m gonna miss them, they’re responsible for countless hours of fun.

Animated webcomics

8 February 2017


A year-old comic, revamped! I considered this my Chef d’Oeuvre, but I never found the right moment to upload it. Now, a year later, I absolutely hate my style from a year ago, so I gave the comic a big update. I really recommend checking out the progress pictures on Patreon, but you gotta pledge 5 dollars to see those, haha.