Avengers Preparing for Infinity War PART 3

24 April 2018


Yikes. 3 weeks, 21 panels and more than 30 characters, but I’m finally done. By the time this comic goes live, I’ll be in the cinema, watching the Marvel Studios logo! I’m EXTREMELY hyped. Lord of the Rings levels-hyped, and I’m really glad that can – apparently – still happen. I thought I was getting… Continue reading Avengers Preparing for Infinity War PART 3

Thanos Preparing for Endgame Episode 1: Ant-Man

4 April 2019


I’m actually kinda nervous about this series, after all those weeks of Nintendo-content. But hey, Smash and Marvel are my two of my favorite franchises of all time and I’m super hyped for Endgame, so here you go: the first episode of Thanos Preparing for Endgame. With lots of memes.