Stupid Smash Comic: Falco

26 October 2014


This will be the first part of a short series. The jokes are terrible, but there’s something hilarious about characters from Smash using their quotes in different context. I’ll see how long this stays funny though. Apparently, I gave the mods over at a headache because they like good art, but dislike bad jokes.… Continue reading Stupid Smash Comic: Falco

This Game’s Dinner Is… (Everyone is Home)

12 September 2018


Reddit user Greasy-Gabe came up with the “Everyone is Home” title for this series and I love it! (Since the unofficial tagline for Smash Ultimate is “Everyone is Here!”)

Everyone is Spooky! (Everyone is Home)

31 October 2018


Happy Halloween everyone!! If you don’t recognize a character/costume: I gotchu covered

Royal Belly (Everyone is Home)

16 January 2019


No, I won’t send you a PSD with the foam bubble layer removed.

Age Rage (Everyone is Home)

23 January 2019


Happy 20th birthday, Smash Bros! You’ve always been and will always be my favorite game series. Here’s to the next 20!

Link Needs A Shrink

29 March 2019


Don’t you think it’s weird that everyone trusts ONE old guy to welcome back the legendary hero after his 100-year slumber? What if that legendary hero decided to immediately run off and get killed by a Lynel? (Something I would NEVER do)