Smash Queue

14 June 2017


IF Spring Man/Ribbon Girl is in the next Smash, I think this is a very accurate piece of symbolism. Him cutting in line because of his unique qualities as a boxer with long arms, you know. Don’t make me explain the joke!

This Game’s Dinner Is… (Everyone is Home)

12 September 2018


Reddit user Greasy-Gabe came up with the “Everyone is Home” title for this series and I love it! (Since the unofficial tagline for Smash Ultimate is “Everyone is Here!”)

Evil Memes (Everyone is Home)

3 October 2018


Bowser is tired of being sexualized. Bowsette art #1 by Felicia Kiessling Bowsette art #2 by @kureihii Bowsette art #3 by @tunemukusakami

Royal Belly (Everyone is Home)

16 January 2019


No, I won’t send you a PSD with the foam bubble layer removed.