This Game’s Dinner Is… (Everyone is Home)

12 September 2018


Reddit user Greasy-Gabe came up with the “Everyone is Home” title for this series and I love it! (Since the unofficial tagline for Smash Ultimate is “Everyone is Here!”)

Biceps from the Bronx (Everyone is Home)

26 September 2018


Jolt Haymaker the f*ck outta here, Mac.

Everyone is Spooky! (Everyone is Home)

31 October 2018


Happy Halloween everyone!! If you don’t recognize a character/costume: I gotchu covered

Age Rage (Everyone is Home)

23 January 2019


Happy 20th birthday, Smash Bros! You’ve always been and will always be my favorite game series. Here’s to the next 20!

Everyone is Invited – part 3

29 October 2019


Cue X-Files music

Supper Smash Bros. Ultimate

12 April 2020


This is the final part of the big Easter Special! Three spoofs/parodies of possibly my favorite piece of Renaissance art: Da Vinci’s Last Supper! Showing Jesus and his twelve apostles, each with their own iconic pose. Doing only one of these wasn’t SPECIAL enough, so I decided to make THREE. The past year, three franchises… Continue reading Supper Smash Bros. Ultimate