Breath of the Open World

22 February 2017


Including a little tribute to Horizon: Zero Dawn which released this week. Made by fellow Dutchmen- and women!

Breath of the Open World episode 2

1 March 2017


Lots of people pointed out that the Dragonborn should be the last person to kill a chicken (or Cucco) without thinking. So I felt a sequel was needed.

It’s Vague To Everybody

28 June 2017


I just played the Legend of Zelda (NES) and holy crap, that game is though. I feel sorry for the kids back then spending hours and hours randomly trying to burn bushes and trying to figure out vague advise from old men in dungeons.

Wooden Morghulis

12 July 2017


Here we go again! I announced it already on our Patreon, but here’s the “official” announcement. Beware of spoilers next week! And the six weeks after that.

The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 1

13 December 2017


Hi everyone! There’s only three comics left in this year! Also, coincidentally, the last comic of 2017 will be our 100th comic! To celebrate this, and the all the awesomeness that 2017 had to offer, we’re making one massive piece of art, depicting a New Year’s party with all the major characters from shows, movies… Continue reading The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 1

The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 2

20 December 2017


Hey everyone! Here’s part two of the Big 2017 Pop Culture Party! Thank you for all the great suggestions. I haven’t been able to draw all of your brilliant ideas (yet) but luckily there’s still one week left. Keep the suggestions coming and together we’ll create a party for the ages! These characters are currently… Continue reading The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 2

The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – 100th comic!

27 December 2017


HAPPY 100th COMIC EVERYONE! And Happy Holidays as well! The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party is finished. Thank you all for all the input. I’ve tried to put in as many characters as I could. Apologies if your suggestion didn’t make the cut, but it started to get extremely crowded so I had leave a… Continue reading The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – 100th comic!

Ridley Is Too Cruel

19 June 2018


In Smash Ultimate, taking a stock with Ridley will permanently remove the victim character from the game. He’s just that cruel. You all kept asking for him, now you have to deal with the consequences!

Everyone is Spooky! (Everyone is Home)

31 October 2018


Happy Halloween everyone!! If you don’t recognize a character/costume: I gotchu covered