Young Adult Red episode 3: Red Writes Home

30 November 2016


I love making these! And I love Pokémon Moon so far, although some design choices strike me as a bit… extreme.

Young Adult Red episode 6: Blue meets Hau

1 February 2017


STARRING: Reddit users Zephyr42 (who gave me a cool EV-trained Rowlet, guy with the dark blue shirt) and Mult1Core (who gave me Pokerus, dude with the beard). Also, JHall is in there because while drawing, I noticed this comic was basically turning out to be a ripoff of this awesome comic of his, so I… Continue reading Young Adult Red episode 6: Blue meets Hau

Young Adult Red episode 8: Young Adult Pikachu

22 March 2017


Cue the Eye of the Tiger montage of Pikachu improving his life and getting fit! Backgrounds by Merel Lindenburg, our new intern!

Young Adult Red episode 9: Regional Difference Self-consciousness

19 April 2017


It’s like there’s a sacred rule: every Alolan variant – Pokémon or human – is sexier than the regular one.   Backgrounds by Merel Lindenburg!