Wooden Morghulis

12 July 2017


Here we go again! I announced it already on our Patreon, but here’s the “official” announcement. Beware of spoilers next week! And the six weeks after that.

Sibling Rivalry

8 August 2017


Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4. Daenerys is a terrible mother. Hey, second comic about Viserion and Rhaegal by the way! Backgrounds were made by the incredibly talented Antonio Hoogervorst. Thanks!!

Wight Waifu

15 August 2017


I really hope I’m not predicting episode 6 with this comic because that’s one stupid quest the Fellowship of the Wight is embarking on.

A Song of Hype and Memes

21 May 2019


Wow, it’s actually done. Even though I didn’t like the last season, at least it spawned years and years of quality hype, memes and jokes!