Smash Queue

14 June 2017


IF Spring Man/Ribbon Girl is in the next Smash, I think this is a very accurate piece of symbolism. Him cutting in line because of his unique qualities as a boxer with long arms, you know. Don’t make me explain the joke!


13 September 2017


Sorry for the late upload, I was playing Knack II. It’s Arnold and Felicia’s comic debut! Arnold did the knackgrounds and Felicia drew the sexy mascot waitresses in the knackground.

This Game’s Dinner Is… (Everyone is Home)

12 September 2018


Reddit user Greasy-Gabe came up with the “Everyone is Home” title for this series and I love it! (Since the unofficial tagline for Smash Ultimate is “Everyone is Here!”)

Everyone is Spooky! (Everyone is Home)

31 October 2018


Happy Halloween everyone!! If you don’t recognize a character/costume: I gotchu covered

Super Smash Bias (Everyone is Home)

14 November 2018


Jigglypuff design (which is better than the one in the Detective Pikachu trailer) by Reddit user SirLegolas13.

I Can Has Diagnosis (Everyone is Home)

21 November 2018


Since animals (arguably) don’t exist in the Pokémon world, none of those Pokémon know what they’re based on! That’s horrible! On the other hand, you could say that animals don’t know what Pokémon they’re based on and they don’t seem to mind…