7 Pokémon From Generation 1 That Deserve An Evolution (Number 8 Will SHOCK You!)

27 September 2017


Next up: generation 2. (Sonichu © Christine Weston Chandler, of course)

Triple Finish

15 August 2018


You KNOW Charizard had to be recaptured to be part of the Pokémon Trainer again. You KNOW it went like this, because the Pokémon Trainer is a sadistic sonofabitch. Stay woke, people.

Everyone is Spooky! (Everyone is Home)

31 October 2018


Happy Halloween everyone!! If you don’t recognize a character/costume: I gotchu covered

Pokémon Lad’s Go

6 March 2019


The problem with making comics about newly revealed starter Pokémon is that you’ll anger fans of the starter you’re making fun of. So I just make fun of all three of them! There’s no way that can go wrong. Also, I hope this is one of MANY Pokémon Sword/Shield comics I’ll make!