The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 2

20 December 2017


Hey everyone! Here’s part two of the Big 2017 Pop Culture Party! Thank you for all the great suggestions. I haven’t been able to draw all of your brilliant ideas (yet) but luckily there’s still one week left. Keep the suggestions coming and together we’ll create a party for the ages! These characters are currently… Continue reading The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – Part 2

The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – 100th comic!

27 December 2017


HAPPY 100th COMIC EVERYONE! And Happy Holidays as well! The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party is finished. Thank you all for all the input. I’ve tried to put in as many characters as I could. Apologies if your suggestion didn’t make the cut, but it started to get extremely crowded so I had leave a… Continue reading The Big 2017 Pop Culture Party – 100th comic!

Avengers Preparing for Infinity War: PART 2

17 April 2018


I wasn’t really happy with the Bucky “joke” in the previous one and after posting it I came up with this one, which is a lot better, in my opinion. So yes, Bucky has two panels now. Next week part 3!

Thanos Preparing for Endgame Episode 1: Ant-Man

4 April 2019


I’m actually kinda nervous about this series, after all those weeks of Nintendo-content. But hey, Smash and Marvel are my two of my favorite franchises of all time and I’m super hyped for Endgame, so here you go: the first episode of Thanos Preparing for Endgame. With lots of memes.

Avengers: Endsupper

7 April 2020


Hi everyone! I’m happy to finally show you all the Easter Special we’ve been working on for a while. Nina (previous intern), Bakita (current intern) and me put a lot of love into these. What are “these”? Well, they are spoofs/parodies of possibly my favorite piece of Renaissance art: Da Vinci’s Last Supper! Showing Jesus… Continue reading Avengers: Endsupper