Smash Queue

14 June 2017


IF Spring Man/Ribbon Girl is in the next Smash, I think this is a very accurate piece of symbolism. Him cutting in line because of his unique qualities as a boxer with long arms, you know. Don’t make me explain the joke!

Wahssist Trophy

3 July 2018


Even I am amazed by the amount of hidden details I have been able to cram in here. This Friday, I’ll post a blog post revealing all of them on our Patreon!

Roster Imposter (Everyone is Home)

5 September 2018


You may think this is yet another overdone Waluigi joke. But no! It’s actually a statement on the thousands of Fire Emblem swordsmen in Smash.

The Legendary Secretary (Everyone is Home)

19 September 2018


The only reason I would NOT want Isabelle in Smash is because I don’t want that little fluffy ball of wholesomeness to get hurt.

Assistance Persistence (Everyone is Home)

24 October 2018


Artist’s note: I don’t really hate Riki. Riki is up there with Toad on my list of favorite little round characters who scream a lot.