Hardcore gaming

26 October 2016


We’re both pretty hyped for the Switch, but we’re biased fanboys, so please don’t take any advice from us. Backgrounds by Coen Balkestein, again.

Dear Mr. Iwata

6 December 2017


Today, December 6th, Satoru Iwata was supposed to celebrate his birthday. I’m still sad he never got to see Nintendo doing this well again, so I wrote him this “letter”. Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata.

New Year’s Resolutions

17 January 2018


Bowser seems like the guy to constantly promise change only to fall back in his evil ways Comic originally made for Game Mania!

My Bowser is Ready

27 February 2019


I couldn’t decide between a goodbye-comic for Reggie or a welcome-comic for Bowser, so I did both! Also, this comic is 95% about the background and I’m not even going to pretend it’s not.

Launch Parties

17 November 2020


You just know the Xbox cake tastes like Twinkies.