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Hey! We’re Wooden Plank Studios, a small, Netherlands based creative studio consisting of two core members: Abel Hagen and Christiaan Albers. If you’re reading this, you probably already know us for our weekly webcomics and ‘Tuesday Choosedays’. However, not many people know that we actually started as an indie game dev studio and still regularly develop games!

We started our studio in 2013, spending our first few years developing, experimenting, and working out what kind of team we wanted to become. We released a small casual game called Cat’s Catch on Windows, which at the time received over 200,000 downloads! We went on to make numerous apps, games and animations for various companies, all the while still trying to figure out where we were headed.

A clear direction came in 2016. Whilst discussing what made us stand out among other indie companies, we got the idea of releasing a weekly pop culture webcomic, much like the longtime classics such as like VGCats, AwkwardZombie and Penny Arcade. Having a stable, active platform where could share our silly artistic escapades really motivated us, especially Abel, who’d aspired to become a comic artist since he was young.

From that moment on, we’ve released a webcomic every Wednesday, doing our best to adapt to all the hip and happening stuff. We’ve drawn many comics about Pokémon, Game of Thrones, Super Smash Bros, Marvel, and a ton of other franchises. It’s hard work, but the wonderful responses from geeks all over the world have been amazing and we want to continue making comics for as long as we can!

…but we have to admit, that in our hearts, we are still game developers. Whenever the opportunity arises, we WILL try to create an indie game again, and hopefully, we can use our growing webcomic fanbase as a springboard for our dream projects!

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we love making it!


Abel is definitely the creative half of Wooden Plank Studios. He’s the guy who writes, draws, and publishes our comics, which means he’s the one you’re interacting with when you post a witty comment like “is this loss?”. Your typical 20-something-year-old guy, into geeky stuff like games, Nintendo, superhero movies, and a huge love for animals (shoutout to bunnies). Our work would be nothing without Abel!


Christiaan is our ‘man behind the curtain’ at Wooden Plank Studios. Abel may appear to be doing everything on the outside, but Christiaan is the one who keeps the motor running. If you have any business inquiries, you’ll probably be communicating with Christiaan. He also does all the boring financial stuff, being that rational and sensible guy that he is. If Abel were to handle the finances, Wooden Plank would be bankrupt within a month. He’s also a highly skilled developer who does all of our coding whenever we develop a game or app.