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Black Vegetarian Rhino with Flip-Flops on SoundCloud

6 March 2018


I really liked Black Panther. It felt fresh. After so many Marvel movies, I thought I had pretty much seen every style and atmosphere they could come up with, but the afro-futurism of Wakanda was so cool and unique to see. Also, I feel obliged to say I hope I don’t offend anyone with this comic. I’m certainly not trying to “take away” the attention the black cast has been getting. I just thought it was fun to point out some OTHER minorities that are represented in this movie. And as always, it’s meant to be a silly comic, not a political statement. I love each and everyone of you just as much as I love M’Baku. Which is a lot.

Oh and I dare you to try to find all the hidden references in this one, especially the last panel. Some of them are pretty obscure and well-hidden!