The Little Details

21 September 2016


Backgrounds by Coen Balkestein! He’s also the dude running after the dog (which, in turn, is my deceased dog). Oh how I love those little details!

Hardcore gaming

26 October 2016


We’re both pretty hyped for the Switch, but we’re biased fanboys, so please don’t take any advice from us. Backgrounds by Coen Balkestein, again.

Wholesome Christmas webcomic

21 December 2016


Make sure to spend enough time with your loved ones during the stressful holiday season! We want to thank you all for all the kind words in the past months! Merry Christmas!

Animated webcomics

8 February 2017


A year-old comic, revamped! I considered this my Chef d’Oeuvre, but I never found the right moment to upload it. Now, a year later, I absolutely hate my style from a year ago, so I gave the comic a big update. I really recommend checking out the progress pictures on Patreon, but you gotta pledge… Continue reading Animated webcomics