Breath of the Open World

22 February 2017


Including a little tribute to Horizon: Zero Dawn which released this week. Made by fellow Dutchmen- and women!

Super Zoom Bros 2 (Everyone is Home)

3 November 2020


Steve’s meat was never seen again 🙁 Thanks to our Patron Falk for creating that custom Minecraft house background in Steve’s panel!!

December Special: Super Nativity Bros.

30 December 2020


The third and final nativity scene that make up the December Special 2020! Happy new year everyone! Let’s hope 2021 is a lot better than 2020. I’m taking a week off next week to recharge, but I will post a small “Year in Review” thing.

Everyone is… suddenly into fitness?

23 February 2021


I’ve seen guys do this in real life.