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Lore Galore

7 February 2018


As part of my effort to get into Overwatch, I listened to the Know the Lore: Overwatch podcast and I really like the universe Blizzard has created. But it’s a shame it’s all somewhat useless since the matches you play are often very lore-unfriendly and crazy. Fun, sure, but they never feel like “real” battles in the Overwatch universe. I wish you could reenact actual battles, like the assassination of Mondatta and the attempt at stealing the Doomfist gauntlet by Widowmaker and Reaper. That way, the lore might actually feel like it serves a purpose, other than providing backstories for the heroes.

Ahhh what am I blabbering about? Let’s go play a match with six Walrus-Roadhogs and David Bowie Moira.

PS: I’m experimenting with different backgrounds this week. If you look closely, you might notice these backgrounds HAVE LINES. That’s a pretty huge deal to me and I’m still on the fence about it. It gives the comic a more unified look, but I also liked the paint-y look of the previous backgrounds. If you wanna let me know what you think, please do! You can reach me on Twitter at @WoodenPlankST or @AbelHagen!