7 Pokémon From Generation 1 That Deserve An Evolution (Number 8 Will SHOCK You!)

27 September 2017


Next up: generation 2. (Sonichu © Christine Weston Chandler, of course)

Mind Trucks

31 January 2018


You wouldn’t believe the theories surrounding that truck in middle school! I distinctly remember an “official” Pokémon magazine that claimed you had to bring a lv. 100 Golem with Fissure, Earthquake, Strenght and a fourth move I don’t remember. That Golem would be able to move the truck and reveal some footsteps. If you’d step… Continue reading Mind Trucks

Happy Pokémon Day!

28 February 2018


Happy Pokémon Day, everyone! I know it’s one day late, but it’s probably still February 27th SOMEWHERE on this planet so technically I’m still on time! Phew, 22 years, 807 Pokémon, millions and millions of profit and countless different kinds of Pokémon trainers! Which type of trainer are you? Big thanks to Game Mania for… Continue reading Happy Pokémon Day!

Stupid Shit I Used To Do In Pokémon #1

15 May 2018


There’s MUCH more where this came from. I was a special kid. Hopefully this does well, ’cause I’d really like to make more of them!

Stupid Shit I Used To Do In Pokémon #2

22 May 2018


I still remember VERY carefully counting the amount of times I pressed A after catching Mewtwo. God, I was such an idiot when I was young.

Stupid Shit I Used To Do in Pokémon #4

17 July 2018


I actually did this! On numerous playthroughs! And I haven’t heard from anyone else who was as proud/stupid as me doing this as well. If you have, lemme know via Twitter or Instagram!