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57 – Sprigatito evolutions

6 March 2022

Fake Monday

Ahhh, a new generation, new starters, new speculation! I love that we’re back to the “please stay on all fours” discussion for Sprigatito. As you can see, I created these with everyone wishing for a four-legged starter in mind. But honestly, I have no clue which way they’re going with Sprigatito. Game Freak is pretty unpredictable when it comes to starter themes in my opinion. Treecko’s fluffy tail, Froakie’s spectacles/bubbles and Sobble’s sadness are good examples of themes that turned out to be barely relevant in their final evolutions, so I’m hesitant to consider any of Sprigatito’s design elements as evidence for the final evolution’s design. What I do hope though, is that they use the Iberian lynx as inspiration for the final evolution. It’s a badass looking lynx that’s critically endangered and native to Spain. I love it. I also tried to make Sprigatito’s leaf-looking patch of neck fur slowly “wrap” around the Pokémon, until Petalince is completely taken over by the grassy coat.

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